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Live Auditions for the Creative Industry Awards 2023

We teamed up with Amplify Sounds to find the best talent the region has to offer. On Sunday, we witnessed a remarkable display of talent and passion as live auditions for the highly anticipated Creative Industry Awards 2023 took place. As the doors opened to the audition venue, an air of excitement permeated the space. Performers from various artistic disciplines gathered, ready to showcase their talent and vie for recognition at the prestigious Creative Industry Awards.

Each performer brought their own unique style and perspective, offering a captivating range of performances. From soul-stirring musical performances to breathtaking dance routines, the auditions were a testament to the vast talent pool within the industry.

With their wealth of experience and discerning eyes, the judges carefully assessed each performance, looking for exceptional skills, originality, and the ability to evoke emotions in the audience. Throughout the auditions, several standout performers emerged, leaving an indelible mark on the judges. Many performers demonstrated exceptional skill and originality leaving the judges in awe and eager for what lies ahead at the awards ceremony.


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