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1. Eligibility: The Creative Industry Awards Kids are open to children aged 6 -17 who have demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity in various creative fields. Each nominee must have either a portfolio, show reel, published work, a spotlight account or be be agency represented etc. The awards are open to working young creatives not for children who participate in a creative filed just as a hobby. This is because our judges need to see relevant supporting materials such as artwork, performances, or projects to help them make their decision.

All nominees must be UK based.

2. Nomination Process: Nominations can be submitted by parents, guardians, teachers, mentors, business owners or any individual who is familiar with the child's or companies creative achievements. The nomination should highlight key accomplishments, skills, and any relevant supporting materials such as artwork, performances, or projects.

3. Parental Consent: As the safety and well-being of the children are our top priority, parental consent is mandatory for all child nominees. This means that the nominator must seek and obtain consent from the child's parent or legal guardian before submitting the nomination.

4. Accompaniment by a Parent or Guardian: In order to ensure the safety and supervision of the child nominees, all successful nominees will need to be accompanied to the awards event by a parent or guardian aged 18 and over. This ensures that there is adequate support and care for the children throughout the event.

5. Submission Deadline: Nominations must be submitted by 28th April 2024.

6. Selection Process: A panel of judges, comprising experts from the creative industry, will review all nominations and select the nominees to go forward to public voting. This will be based on the criteria of talent, age groups, creativity, and overall impact in their respective fields. The judges' decisions will be final and binding.

7. Award Categories: The awards will be presented in various categories. It is important to nominate the child or company in the most appropriate category based on their specific talents and achievements.

8. Recognition and Prize: The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony and will be presented with an award (and possibly a gift, depending on the event's sponsorship and resources).

9. Publicity and Media: By participating in the awards, the child nominees, their parents or guardians agree to allow the use of their names, photographs, and any relevant materials for promotional purposes related to the awards event.

10. Code of Conduct: All attendees, including child nominees, parents, guardians, and event staff, are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that promotes respect, inclusivity, and a safe environment for everyone.

These nomination rules aim to ensure a fair and engaging process for recognising and celebrating the exceptional talent and creativity of children within the creative industry.

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