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The Creative Industry Awards celebrate brilliance, innovation and inclusion within the creative industry, bringing together the most exceptional minds and talent from an array of creative sub-sectors including marketing, advertising, design, film, music, photography and fashion.

Our purpose is to serve as a platform that not only celebrates established industry professionals but also emerging talent who are poised to become the next generation of creative leaders across the UK. A space for collaboration and networking, bringing together a diverse community of creatives, we aim to serve as a catalyst for fostering relationships and raising profiles ultimately elevating the industry to new heights.

The event features a range of categories that change every year, ensuring that every discipline has its moment to shine. Winning a Creative Industry Award is a true mark of distinction, symbolising a high 


Collaborative - Work together not against each other 

Respect - The thoughts, feelings, and background of others are as important as your own

Equality - Everyone should be seen, heard, valued, and empowered to succeed

Ambitious -Set ambitious goals, prioritise, hustle to execute and celebrate success

Thankful - Always give thanks and gratitude 

Integrity - Being ethical, honest and trustworthy goes a long way

Views - Points of view are important, we want to hear them all. Don't be afraid to share!

Exceed Expectations - Be meticulous with what you do, no matter how small the task

level of achievement in the field. It not only recognises the outstanding creativity and craftsmanship behind a project but also provides a springboard for further success and recognition within the industry.

As the creative industry continues to evolve and shape our world, the awards serve as a reminder of the incredible impact that creativity has on our lives.


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