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Nominations are open for entry until 31 May 2024
here for key dates and here for nomination rules.
(We make changes to our categories every year to allow each creative sub-sector to be celebrated. If you see a category this year please nominate as it might not be available for entry next year)


Drama Students
Group Seflie

This category is open to stylists who demonstrate exceptional creativity, fashion-forward thinking, and an ability to transform individuals through their styling expertise. Stylists must have a portfolio of work to be considered for nomination.

This category is open to presenters who host shows, interviews, or segments on television or radio platforms. They engage with guests, entertain the audience, and provide information or commentary on various topics in the creative industry.

This category is open to actors who have made a significant breakthrough in their career with a standout performance in either TV or Theatre. 

This category is open to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the creative industry whilst embracing their neurodivergent identity, breaking down barriers and inspiring others.

Music Producer.jpg
Beauty Vlogger

This category is open to visionary filmmakers who have showcased directorial prowess through their work, creating impactful and memorable stories across various genres.

This category s open to music producers who have a proven track record of producing outstanding music across various genres. They should have a deep understanding of music composition, arrangement and production techniques, with the ability to  collaborate with artists to create exceptional recordings. 

This category is open to individuals or companies that have pushed the boundaries of creativity through the development of groundbreaking technologies or tools revolutionising the way creative professionals work.

This category is open to  social media  content creators. Specifically we are looking for Vloggers, YouTubers and TickTockers who have an active online presence.  

Open Mic Show
Two Journalists
Business routine

This category is open to portrait, headshot and fashion photographers who are responsible for the digital or physical development and editing of their images.  Must have a portfolio of work to be considered for nomination.

This category is open to comedians who have consistently delivered laughter, wit, and humor, entertaining audiences with their unique comedic styles and impeccable timing. 

This category is open to writers who have demonstrated storytelling, creativity, and mastery of the written word across various genres to include but limited to, fiction, poetry, or scriptwriting. 

This category is open to talent managers who have a proven track record of successfully nurturing and representing creatives and artists , helping them to achieve their career goals and reach new heights of success. 

Recording Studio
Models .jpg

This category is open to physical creative spaces that foster creativity, collaboration and innovation by providing an environment that inspires and supports the creative process, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of the arts and creative industries. 

This category is open to media outlets in the field of journalism and media across various platforms, including digital, online, and printed formats. Who have made significant contributions to the creative industry by informing and educating its audience  and has played a vital role in shaping the media landscape. 

This category is open to is open to fashion and commercial models with an up to date modeling portfolio. Both agency represented and freelance models are welcome to apply.

This is the award of all awards! For  this category, we are looking for an individual individual who has pushed boundaries, challenged norms, and pioneered new artistic directions. They have made a profound impact on the industry and have inspired future generations of creatives. 

This category is not open to public entry, the honoree will be selected by the Creative Industry Awards CEO.

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