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We are passionate about diversity and inclusion and have made a pledge to provide a non-discriminative platform where all creatives can come together under one roof to celebrate, network and connect with each other.


Each year we partner with a company dedicated to building social inclusion, particularly within the creative  and entertainment industry. This year we have partnered with Amplify Sounds a LIVE music platform that turns the volume up on artists you need to hear right now!


An added bonus is our partnership with LA based production company Movieverse Entertainment who work with Hollywood Celebrities, worldwide well established brands, as well as new startups in order to bring new talents and their creations to the world. This ongoing partnership will birth projects with an international reach, creating opportunities for UK creatives to collaborate with creatives in America.

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Business is a world of connections, this is your chance to expand your network!

Why sponsor the Creative Industry Awards?

1. Brand Visibility - This is an opportunity for you to tap into a marketing technique that will either solidify or introduce  your business presence to consumers who will remember your brand way after the event.

2. Build Relationships - You can  build trust with potential customers, form relationships with attendees, other event sponsors and the event production team. 

3. Targeted Reach and lead generation  - While the event doesn’t have to align exactly with what your business does, attendees will be a mixture of potential customers who have already heard of you or your brand swell as new potential leads. Sponsoring the event is a great opportunity for you put your name top of the mind of prospects who are close to making a purchasing decision and to get in front of an audience you may not otherwise have the chance to reach.

What sponsorships are on offer?

There are various sponsorship opportunities available.  If you would like to become a sponsor please send an email to using the header 'SPONSORSHIP' to request a sponsorship pack. 

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