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Highlights from the Creative Industry Awards 2023

Held in Birmingham, last week Saturday witnessed the vibrant and exciting Creative Industry Awards, where creative individuals and companies were recognised and celebrated. With 14 categories showcasing a wide range of creative talent, this prestigious event brought together industry leaders, emerging stars, and local talents alike.

Photo Credit: Bright Mzila

Hosted by the dynamic duo, BBC Radio WM's Alex Carr and BBC Radio 1Xtra's Theo Johnson, the evening was filled with unforgettable moments that showcased the diversity and innovation within the creative industry.

One of the highlights of the night was the Creative Legacy Award going to the legendary Sir Lenny Henry. An esteemed comedian, actor, and philanthropist, Sir Lenny Henry has made an indelible mark on the creative industry throughout his illustrious career. This prestigious award recognised his significant contributions and lasting impact on the industry, inspiring generations of creative minds.

Photo Credit: Bright Mzila

In an era dominated by digital platforms, content creation has become a powerful medium for expressing creativity. Chloe Taylor's innovative content earned her the well-deserved title of Content Creator of the Year. Her ability to create engaging content has skyrocketed her career in just over 1 year. This award not only recognises Chloe’s individual talent but also highlights the importance of digital content creation in today's creatives.

Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) was recognised as the Creative Space of the Year, a testament to its commitment to fostering creativity and providing a platform for artists to showcase their work. MAC has consistently supported and promoted a diverse range of artistic disciplines, making it a hub for creative expression and collaboration.

The Creative Industry Awards also provided a platform for local talents to shine. Through auditions, in conjunction with Amplify Sounds, 5 performers were selected to showcase their talent during the ceremony. This inclusion of local upcoming talents highlighted the wealth of creative potential within the community.

Photo Credit: Bright Mzila

The ceremony concluded on a high with a captivating performance by Tanya Cracknell, known as The Grime Violinist. Her unique fusion of classical violin with urban music genres has earned her recognition and admiration from both the classical and urban music worlds. Tanya's performance perfectly captured the essence of the evening, demonstrating the boundary-pushing creativity that the awards sought to celebrate.

The second Creative Industry Awards was a huge success, bringing together creatives from all over the UK. From honouring industry legends to celebrating emerging stars, the event amplified the diverse and innovative nature of the creative industry. As we look forward to the next edition of the Creative Industry Awards, we can expect even more awe-inspiring talent and groundbreaking creativity.

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