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Our Partnerships with Amplify Sounds, London Fashion Day, and Movieverse Entertainment

Let us shine a spotlight on our three partnerships and how these partnerships contributed to the Creative Industry Awards 2023.

Amplify Sounds, founded by BBC WM Presenter Alex Carr, brings a fresh perspective to the Creative Industry Awards 2023. As a cutting-edge live music platform that turns the volume up on artists you need to hear right now!

Born in the heart of lockdown 2020, they identified that there were so many artists struggling to find a platform to perform in a safe environment and connect with their fans as live venues closed their doors.

Amplify Sounds search for the best in new, emerging and rising stars. They aim to showcase the best artists from the West Midlands and around the UK, giving them the opportunity to perform live to a wide audience.

Amplify Sounds supported the Creative Industry Awards to find local artists by holding open auditions. 5 artists and performers were discovered and given the opportunity to perform at this years awards ceremony.

Based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, An LA based innovative production company co-founded by one of our judges Victor Migalchan an American film director, screenwriter, producer, EMMY Awards Judge and actor of European descent. Movieverse Entertainment goals is to be on the wave’s crust in terms of storytelling and innovations in the industry. The team consists of both well established filmmakers with years of experience and emerging young talents.

Movieverse Entertainment is delighted to work with Hollywood Celebrities, Worldwide well established brands, as well as new startups in order to bring new talents and their creations to the world.

Our partnership with Movieverse Entertainment has opened the door for both companies to collaborate together on international projects, creating opportunities for creatives in the UK and America to work together.

Fashion is a powerful form of creative expression, and London Fashion Day's partnership with the Creative Industry Awards 2023 adds a touch of glamour and style. Organised by a team of professionals with more than 13 year's experience in organising fashion events. The London Fashion Day project is an initiative to protect and promote young designers and brand owners of clothing, footwear, and accessories in the UK market and international projects.

Their goal is to create a permanent networking platform for the presentation and possible search of potential clients for the young generation of designers and manufacturers in the fashion industry. Their partnership brings the world of fashion to the forefront, inspiring attendees and celebrating the fusion of creativity and style.

The Creative Industry Awards 2023 partnerships with Amplified Sounds, Movieverse Entertainment, and London Fashion Day symbolise the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and empowerment within the creative industry. Through their unique contributions, these partnerships enhance the celebration of creativity, add new dimensions to the awards experience, and provide a platform for emerging and unseen talent to thrive.

Click the link below to view 2023 award winners

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